April 2 2019

Letter to the Editor: The Voters Know Better

The following is a letter to the editor: 


To the Editor,


I find it somewhat humorous that Sally Willard is in the vanguard of the Yes to Appoint Committee and suggests how wonderful and effective the vetting process will be if done by a small collection of people.


Let's us harken back a few years ago when Sally held the single most powerful position in town as moderator and see if she practiced what she preaches.


What was Sally's record in vetting her appointments?


She removed 4 time Ways and Means Chairman Bill Beyer, Roger Riggs who is is now the current chairman and Paul Noonan. These people were 3 of the most widely respected and experienced members of the committee.


Who replaced them? One woman who had lived in the town for less than a year and has since moved and two other of her cronies who lasted less than a year on the committee.


The voters then vetted the moderator's position by overwhelmingly defeating Ms.Willard and replaced her with Bill Beyer.


Vote No on Question One because the voters know better.



Phil Gallagher

8 Corcoran Road


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