July 8 2015

MSMS Students Capture Boston in Photos

By: Rich Hosford

A group of Marshall Simonds Middle School students have been touring the Boston area this month and capturing what they see with their trusty cameras. 

MSMS Summer Photo Camp students went on a multi-day photography field trip last week. They visited places such as the Rowes and Commercial Wharves, the North End, the Old North Church and Salem. 

While out in and around the city the students took a lot of photographs, both in color and black and white, of what they saw. Some were posed photos and others were candid shots. 


The camp was a joint venture between BEAM teacher Susan Rogers and Art teacher Laura Phillips. 

We have a couple of the students’ work below. You can see the full collection on Susan Roger’s blog here


Blue Boat by Jordan Kalatchev, gr. 9



Guy Painting by Aurora Golden, gr. 8



Lady in Action by Neil Pandit, gr. 9



The Juggler by Nithellen Ravi, gr. 7



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