October 29 2015

Municipal Aggregation Agreement to Lower Electrical Bills for Burlington Residents

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington residents and businesses will soon be paying less for electricity. 


Mark Cappadona of the Colonial Power Group announced the details of the town’s municipal aggregation agreement during the Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday night. The board voted early this year to enter into the agreement, which allows the bulk buying of electricity in order to lower costs. 


Cappadona said the group secured a rate of 9.62 cents per kilowatt hour which is lower than the 10.05 cents Eversource customers are currently paying. That rate will start in December and be locked in for a year. 


Cappadona added that historically electrical rates go up in the winter, and he expected Eversource may be charging even more than 10.05 cents a kilowatt hour when the temperature drops even lower. 


Burlington residents who currently have the basic service package from Eversource will automatically be enrolled in the program but can opt-out at any time. Letters with the details will go out starting next week. Those who already have 3rd party providers will not be affected. 


The municipal aggregation agreement affects only the electrical supply rate and the provider listed on the bill will now be Colonial Power. Customers will still get their bills from Eversource and that company will continue to maintain and repair power lines. When there are issues customers will still contact Eversource. 

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