November 26 2018

New Antennae Approved for Center Street Water Tower

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington’s water tower at 72 Center Street will soon be the home to new wireless antennae.


The Planning Board last week approved a proposal by AT&T to install three additional panel antennae and six remote radio units to the top of the tower, which is already home to a number of wireless signal devices.


In the application AT&T argued that the new antennae would fit existing Burlington laws and regulations by having no undue adverse impacts upon historic resources, scenic views, residential property values or man-made resources and the aesthetic qualities of the Town. It further states the facility is passive in nature and does not generate unreasonable noise, odors, smoke, waste, or significant amounts of traffic.


The Facility has and will continue to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidelines, including applicable radio frequency emissions standards, the application adds.


The project also adheres to the Federal Spectrum Act’s regulations on “eligible support structures” by not exceeding the size limitations and by not significantly altering the appearance of the tower or defeat any existing concealment elements.


Members of the Planning Board, who due to federal regulations had limited abilities to make changes or deny the plan, worked out an agreement with AT&T on some aesthetic improvements. These included a new fence and plantings at the base to make it a more appealing site.


The project was approved on the condition that William Gaffney, a member of the board with experience in these types of projects, was satisfied with the details of a new report on the project given to the board the day of the meeting.


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