September 27 2016

New Banners Proclaim School's Core Values at BHS

By: Robert Parris


If you are driving your son or daughter to school, you’ll likely notice something right above your head.

New banners featuring the school’s mission statements and core values are in the process of being hung up along the main entrance of the high school campus. BHS Principal Mark Sullivan and Graphics Design teacher George Ratkevich came up with the idea and have wanted to implement it for a long time.

The money for the banners was donated by Nordblom Company’s 3rd Ave project. Ratkevich’s sophomore and junior design classes were involved in the project as well by helping him come up with designs for the banners.

Sullivan had basic ideas of what the banners should look like and wanted to have the school’s core values and mission statements on them. Ratkevich presented first drafts to Sullivan last year but they weren’t quite what he was looking for. During the course of the summer Ratkevich began working to revise the banners.

Fox Hill art teacher Lauren Vigneau joined the project and began working on the banners for the other half of the summer. Her responsibility was to provide Sullivan with redesign drafts of the banners and present a final version. Sullivan approved the final version and many of the banners can now be seen when you enter the high school lot and the circle near the main entrance. The rest will be up soon.

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