January 27 2016

New Handicap Parking Spots to Be Added at BHS for Better Access to Varsity Field, BCAT

By: Rich Hosford

People with handicaps looking to watch a game at Varsity field will soon find it easier to navigate from their cars to the field. 


At Tuesday night’s School Committee meeting Disability Access Commission (DAC) Chairwoman Maura Mazzocca came to inquire about a plan to put eight handicap spaces in the student parking lot in the area nearest the field. 


Burlington Public Schools Director of Finance/Operations Craig Robinson said creating the additional spaces is very possible and that he had already been in talks with DAC Coordinator Chris Hanafin about funding for the project. 


In order for the project to move forward, Robinson said, he would need to be granted a minor engineering change on the parking lot and school entrance plans from the Planning Board and get permission from the Conservation Commission because the area is in a wetland. These permissions, he hinted, would not be difficult to obtain. 


“As soon as we can work the ground we’ll get it done,” he said. 


The project would include designating the spots and having them painted and signage put up. He said they would also need to do a curb cut for a crosswalk that is wheelchair accessible. The final thing would be to create a dedicated sidewalk. 


Robinson said there are also plans to put two additional handicap parking spots near the entrance for Burlington Cable Access Television’s (BCAT) studio in the rear of the high school. A mound near the back door will be partially leveled to allow room for and access to the spaces. 

Superintendent Eric Conti said the original plans for the student parking lot called for eight spaces, which were installed closer to the school building but across the lot from Varsity Field. 


“We placed them closer to the building for more access to the school,” he said. 

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