August 16 2016

New Lawns No Longer Exempt from Watering Restrictions

By: Rich Hosford

The Board of Selectmen voted to lift the watering exemption on any new lawns planted after August 15.

As reported on BCAT, the board voted to create a one-day-per-week grass watering restriction for all residents and businesses in town. The restriction applies to all automatic watering systems.

Among the exemptions to the restriction is new lawns, which require more watering to get established. However, any new lawns planted moving forward will not be exempt and will have to adhere to watering only once per week.

Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez and Town Administrator John Petrin said this change is necessary because the area is still in the midst of a severe drought.

“People have been calling about planting a new lawn and we don’t recommend it,” Sanchez said. “It is not a good idea to plan during a drought.”

He also said the watering restriction have helped but due to the continued lack of rain they are closely watching the reservoir and need to keep the restriction in place.

“We are just keeping the reservoir water level to where it needs to be but we can’t slow down our effort, it has to continue,” he said. “We ask the residents to continue to abide by it.”

The board also voted to confirm that town staff (Petrin) has the authority to declare a complete watering ban if the situation makes it necessary. This could be if the drought continues longer than expected or if one or more of the water plants has a problem or needs to be shut down for maintenance.


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