December 20 2016

Papa Razzi Liquor License Transferred to Incoming Restaurants

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Board of Selectmen voted to allow the transfer of an all-alcohol license from Papa Razzi to the two new restaurants looking to occupy the site.


As reported on BNEWS, after Papa Razzi closed in October, Rebels Restaurants, Inc. a business group with restaurants in the Boston area, came forward with plans to open two restaurants in that one site. 


One of the restaurants would be the high-end Mexican establishment Temazcal and the other would be a more affordable pizza and Italian restaurant called Tony’s Coal Fire Pizza.

Temazcal, which currently has locations in Boston and Lynnfield, features authentic Mexican recipes made with fresh, local ingredients, it’s website states.

Tony’s Coal Fire Pizza would have a full Italian menu with an emphasis on the pizza, which would be cooked in an actual coal oven.

In order to move forward with the project the restaurant group needed to obtain the liquor license that was used by Papa Razzi. The Board of Selectmen approved the transfer after going over some of the details that make this situation unique.


First, even though it is two locations, it counts as one establishment. Town Administrator John Petrin made this point clearly and repeatedly during the public hearing.


“This is one operation where there are two different restaurants but one management team,” he said. “If something were to occur we’re looking at entire location as one operation and so it get treated as one.”


Specifically, this means that if one of the restaurants fails a liquor sale compliance check or has a similar issue and loses the ability to sell alcohol for some time, both would be subject to the suspension.


There were also some questions about Burlington’s bylaw limiting the sale of drinks to two per person unless food is also ordered. Members of the board wanted to know how that would be enforced and how they could prevent someone from buying two drinks on one side and then moving to the other for a third round.


One of the members of Rebel Restaurants said the managers on both sides will use wireless headsets to communicate. They will also have a “strong front-door” and management presence at both restaurants.


“We will be very well attuned to what’s going on and we’ll be on top of this,” he said.

In the end the board voted 4-0 to approve the license transfer. Selectman Bob Hogan was not in attendance.


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