July 24 2015

Phone Scammers Using Council on Aging Directors' Names to Gain Trust of Seniors


A new scam targeting seniors is using their trust in those who work as their advocates to take advantage of them. 


According to a release from Burlington Council on Aging Director Marge McDonald, there have been reports of scammers using COA director’s names to gain the person’s trust, asking questions about their medications, their doctors and their Medicare number which of course is their social security number.


“No one from the Burlington Council on Aging will ever ask for such personal information unless we are already helping you with something and the Burlington Council on Aging Outreach Workers will be the ones asking for such information, not the COA Director or any other COA staff,” McDonald said in a statement. 


McDonald said many seniors trust the COA staff above all others, so it is no surprise that scammers picked up on this as a way to gain their trust.  


“The surprise is it took as long as it did,” she said. “As always do not give out ANY personal information, especially your Medicare number unless you have initiated the call or you are absolutely positive you are giving it to one of the Outreach Workers.  If you are unsure, if you are speaking with one of the staff or if the call is legitimate, hang up and call the Council on Aging office, in Burlington the phone number is 781-270-1950.”


McDonald said she is outraged scammers are attempting to fool seniors and are violating the trust department’s like hers have fostered with their clients.   


 “Council on Aging staff in all towns build relationships and work hard to gain the trust of all those we serve and to have that trust possibly destroyed by something so completely out of our control because of greed is incredibly frustrating,” she said. 


If you think you may be a victim of any scam or fraud call the Burlington Police Department at (781) 272-1212. 

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