October 26 2017

Photo of the Week: A Caterpillar or a Weatherman?

By: Rich Hosford

Another week, another photo to highlight.

This week’s photo shows a fuzzy creature that is the subject of much folklore and an even more fascinating truth. It was sent in by Colleen Moore and shows a Woolly Bear Caterpillar.


Folklore says you can tell how cold the upcoming winter will be based on the thickness of the black bands on one of these caterpillars. The thicker the dark park, the longer and colder the winter. However, scientists have discovered that the \ length of the different bands depends on age and diet. What is really cool, though, is that no matter how cold the winter gets these guys will be just fine. As the weather turns cold they find a dark place to hibernate and their bodies create a natural organic antifreeze that allows the caterpillar to freeze slowly until everything but the interior of their cells are frozen. Using this method they can survive with temperatures far below freezing.


Thanks for the photo, Colleen!


We’d like to see your photos. They could be of something you see around town, the weather outside your own door or even photos of your family members and pets. Whatever you think is interesting and would like to share.


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