August 22 2019

Photo of the Week: Multi-Colored Grackle at Wildwood Park

By: Rich Hosford

Another week, another photo to highlight.

This week’s photo is of nature in Burlington. It was sent in by Jenn Hickey and shows a Common Grackle at Wildwood Park. Grackles are distinct due their feather coloring - their feathers appear black with purple, green, or blue iridescence on the head, throat and wings. These birds forages on the ground, in shallow water, or in shrubs and sometimes steal food from other birds. They are omnivorous, eating insects, minnows, frogs, eggs, berries, seeds, grain, and even small birds and mice.


Thanks for the photo, Jenn! 


We’d like to see your photos. They could be of something you see around town, the weather outside your own door or even photos of your family members and pets. Whatever you think is interesting and would like to share.


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