January 26 2017

Pizzeria that Cooks Pizzas in 3 Minutes on Road to Come to Burlington

By: Rich Hosford

People in Burlington will soon have a new option for a quick, very quick actually, lunch.


Last week the Planning Board approved a special permit for a Blaze Pizza franchise that will be owned and operated by BGR Hospitality of Milford. The restaurant will be located at 91 Middlesex Turnpike, the Vinebrook Plaza.


This will be BGR’s fourth Blaze Pizza location in the site and they eventually plan to open 25 to 40 establishments in New England.


Blaze Pizza offers a variety of menu options and also allows customers to create their own pies from a list of toppings. While many places do that the difference with Blaze Pizza is how fast you get your meal. They use a large gas oven stove that cooks the pizzas in just three minutes.


They also offer a variety of salads, desserts and non-alcoholic drinks.


They also have online ordering and a smartphone app that customers can use to skip the line. They don’t start making your pizza, however, until you are inside so it doesn’t get cold.


“It gives people an option for pizza for lunch, pizza for people without a lot of time,” a representative of BGR said. “I think there is a need in Burlington and it will be a great fit for the community.”


The Burlington location will be large, coming in at over 4,000 square feet. It will have 88 seats indoors and there are plans for a small outdoor patio with an additional 22 seats. There will be renovations to the vacant spot but there will be no structural changes to the plaza. Protective bollards will be set up around the patio to keep diners safe from vehicle accidents.


Members of the Planning Board were receptive to the plans. There were some questions about employee parking and whether there were enough bollards planned but no objectives to the proposal. In the end they voted 7-0 to approve the special permit.

“I wish you well,” member Paul Raymond said. “There is a lot of fast food in Burlington so good luck.”  



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