June 19 2017

Planning Board to Appeal Approved Millipore Sign


The Planning Board will once again appeal a decision made by the zoning board of appeals and the town’s Building Inspector.

The issue at hand is a 75-foot tall LED Wall with a 16-foot electric sign that was approved for the Millipore business on the Summit Campus at 400-600 Wheeler Road. The smaller sign will say something like, “Welcome to MilliporeSigma” and the larger sign may change its presentation daily or weekly.

However, under the provisions of a general bylaw approved by Town Meeting in 2011, digital signs are prohibited, which is why the Planning Board decided to get involved.

Before going to the ZBA, the Millipore representatives first had to file an application with town’s building inspector. At that meeting, the building inspector made a decision to call the 75-ft. digital sign art, which exempts it from the bylaw passed in 2011 and any other sign regulations in town. The 16-ft. sign was determined as a sign so it does apply and is prohibited under the aforementioned bylaw.

Members of the Planning Board did not agree with this decision and argued against a digital sign being labeled as ‘art’. Member Barbara L’Heureux said the Millipore and the building inspector were playing a “semantics game” to get around the bylaw.

The Planning Board approved a motion was to take action on this matter to prevent digital signs and wall art at this location. They also voted to appeal the decision of the building inspector that this wall art is not subject to the 2011 sign bylaw or any bylaw in town.

Members expressed regret at having to appeal another decision of the ZBA after the lengthy proceedings last year in regard to stove top ovens at the Marriott Residence Inn in the District. Member Joe Impemba said he was “sick” of having to “police the building inspector.”


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