December 29 2015

Plunging Temps After Melt Making Conditions Hazardous for Drivers and Walkers

By: Rich Hosford

Plunging temperatures are creating conditions that are shaping up to mean a dangerous commute both Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. 


Burlington Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez said drivers need to be very cautious even on plowed roads as melt from earlier in the day Tuesday was freezing during the afternoon as temperatures hit the mid-20s. 


“Earlier today we got to the mid-30s and everything was melting and then it started raining,” he said during an interview at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.  “Now the temperatures are below freezing and will stay there overnight.”


He said this can be especially dangerous to people who are moving along on plowed roads with confidence. 


“One minute you’re driving along fine and the next everything starts freezing,” he said. 


Sanchez said DPW crews had been out since Monday night treating the roads and then plowing throughout the morning. As of Tuesday afternoon crews are out again treating the roads with chemicals to prevent icy conditions but that takes time. 


He said people should be extra cautious when entering their neighborhoods and other side roads as they may have not been treated yet. The DPW prioritizes high-traffic areas first. 


Even once out of vehicles people should be careful. Many sidewalks, walkways and outdoor stairways will have ice that could cause people to slip and fall. 


On Tuesday evening the Burlington Fire Department tweeted that it had already responded to numerous calls of people slipping on the ice and motor vehicle accidents. 


The dangerous conditions are expected to last until around mid-day on Wednesday. 

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