September 8 2016

Police Charge Multiple People, Issue Many Citations, During Crackdown at Mill Pond Reservoir


Police are cracking down on violators at Burlington’s drinking supply. 


Chief Michael Kent reports in a release that the Burlington Police Department, in an effort to improve the quality of life around the Mill Pond Reservoir and Conservation Area, launched a new set of bicycle patrols to monitor the area from late June through Labor Day Weekend.


Authorities say Burlington Police charged 14 people, issued 3 civil citations, and gave numerous warnings to violators in the area of Mill Pond Reservoir this summer, ranging in severity from Minors in Possession of Alcohol to unleashed dogs. The majority of charges and warnings were issued to those swimming in a public water supply, as the Mill Pond Reservoir supplies drinking water to the Town of Burlington.


"The town seeks to provide safe, clean, reliable drinking water to our residents, and those who swim or litter in our reservoir are creating a potential hazard," said Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez. "I am grateful to Burlington police officers for making this concern a priority."


Officers conducted 31 bicycle patrols on an overtime basis, each patrol lasting four hours, the release states. As patrols increased, officers saw a decrease in both the volume of trash and number of motorized vehicles on the trails which were the primary complaints of visitors to the conservation area.


Below is the full list of citations and warnings given out by the Burlington Police Department this summer:


• Bathing / swimming in a public water supply - 8 criminal hearings, 9 warnings


• Persons under 21 in possession of alcohol - 6 criminal hearings, 1 warning


• Marijuana possession - 3 civil citations


• Littering - 1 Town of Burlington bylaw violation


• Motorized vehicles on town property - 3 warnings


• Juveniles operating motorized vehicles - 2 warnings


• Unleashed dogs - 5 warnings


• Allowing dogs in a public water supply - 4 warnings


• Canoeing in a public water supply - 1 warning


"I commend the officers who took on overtime shifts this summer to address the problems surrounding the Mill Pond Reservoir," Chief Kent said. "Residents should familiarize themselves with the rules surrounding the conservation area and take into account the reservoir's purpose before going for a swim."


During their extended patrols, Burlington Police also noted that small campfires are a serious concern due to the extended drought and remind residents that these fires are prohibited from the conservation area.

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