December 3 2015

Police Engage in Firearm Training in Mobile Training Center


Members of the Burlington Police Department have been honing their shooting skills. 


Chief Michael Kent reports that officers completed six days of advanced firearms training to refine skills and better prepare themselves when responding to various incidents while in the field.


In partnership with Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian and the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, every year, officers use a state-of-the art Mobile Training Center that’s equipped for live-fire, a release from the department states. One hundred percent of the ammunition discharged is captured, preventing contamination to soil and groundwater that may occur in outdoor ranges.


"The Mobile Training Center is an asset to the Burlington Police Department as it allows officers to receive vital training in a safe and realistic environment," Chief Kent said. "As police officers, we must be prepared for every and any situation that may arise and through our partnership with the Middlesex Sheriff's Office, we are able to better protect our community."


The Sheriff's Office provided the Burlington Police with the trailer to train in for free from Nov.17-25. During the exercises, officers are placed in a realistic environment and must be prepared for situations that occur at night, inside buildings, in crowds, at vehicle stops and other low visibility or high-risk incidents. Officer practice using verbalization, decision making, moving targets and alternative uses of force to respond to a variety of scenarios.


“The firearms training provided us with very realistic scenarios to improve our skills and better prepares our officers to make the best and most efficient decisions while in the community protecting our residents," said Detective Sgt. Timothy McDonough.


The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office acquired the Mobile Training Center (MTC) through a federal community policing grant in 2010. The Sheriff's Office initiated the acquisition of the mobile firing range after local chiefs across the county raised concerns about the availability and affordability of appropriate and effective training for their officers.


“The Mobile Training Center is an extremely valuable resource we are pleased to be able to make available to our local law enforcement colleagues. The scenarios officers are put through accurately portray events ranging from traffic stops to active shooter situations and the interactive capabilities of the technology allow officers the opportunity to not only complete their firearms training, but just as importantly to work on their verbal skills,” said Sheriff Koutoujian.  “Additionally, the MTC saves cities and towns money by allowing officers to train in their own communities and during their shifts, reducing overtime and eliminating the need to rent time at a range.”

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