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 September 28 2015

Police Tweet Play-by-Play of Possible Scam Investigation

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Police Department has been busy on social media, posting play-by-plays of an investigation into a possible consumer fraud targeting seniors. 

Police started tweeting on Saturday about a postcard a senior in town received from a company claiming the recipient had package ready for shipment that was worth approximately $350. The postcard instructed the recipient to call a number provided to pay $12.95 shipping and handling expense by credit card. 

The card was given to police who felt it was suspicious and began looking into it and to tweet the process of the investigation.


They even put out an image of the postcard to alert anyone else who might have received it. 



Throughout the investigation, which continued on Monday when the business is question was open, police spoke to a number of people in customer service, all who said the business was legal and not a scam. 


In one instance, police reported, a member of the business did something they do not normally see. She threatened to call the authorities on them. 



The investigation, which can be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #notificationwarehouse, was put on pause Monday afternoon but will resume shortly. Lt. Glen Mills, the man behind the tweets, said the practice with the postcards may be legitimate, but it raised eyebrows at the department. 

“If it’s not illegal, it is questionable,” he said. “We are looking to see if people are being taken advantage of.” 

Other people have warned about the number listed on the postcard. A Google search of (800) 208-4460 brings up a result on 800notes.com with a number of people saying they received similar postcards though they never bought anything. Most thought it was a scam and the business was just trying to get their credit card information. 

Also, police said their investigation led them to a company called Products for Life, which has a customer service number of (866) 967-9644. That same number is also listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website to belong to a company called Jewelry Design Concepts, Inc., which was investigated by WRDW-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, after people there reported receiving suspicious postcards saying they had won a prize for a contest they hadn’t entered and that they needed to provide their credit card information to receive it. 

When asked why he decided to give Twitter updates on the investigation, Mills said it is a way to spread the word and to possibly get information from the public. 

“We looking at scammers and thinking of innovate ways to top them,” he explained. “If we put the info out there we might got some more back from the public, from people who have been scammed. Also, someone may see this and warn friends and relatives.” 

This is an ongoing investigation and we will bring you updates as more information becomes available. If anyone has received one of these postcards we’d be interested in hearing from you. You can email BNEWS Director Rich Hosford at Hosford@bcattv.org

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