August 9 2016

Pop Up Cafe Replaces PAUL Bakery at 3rd Ave.

By: Rich Hosford

The 3rd Ave. development project has a new cafe. 


Last week Pop Up Cafe moved into the site that was recently vacated by PAUL Bakery. 


Pop Up Cafe, a unique single-location venue, offers a mix of hot and cold drinks including coffee, tea, and espressos as well as smoothies, sodas and Naked Juice. On the food side they have grab-and-go snacks, salads, breakfast items and sandwiches. They also have sushi, soups and desserts. 


A couple of unique salads are the Sesame Ginger with Tofu or Chicken that has edamame, jicama and boo choy. There is also the Power Lunch Hour that has kale, grilled chicken, quinoa, smoked gouda and roasted chick peas. Other salads include the Tuna Noise with loves, eggs and red onions, the summer salad, Caesar salads with chicken or shrimp and a house salad. 


Sandwiches include a BLTTG with bacon, lettuce, tomato, suns-dried tomato, guacamole and roasted turkey and a Chimichurri Chicken with marinated grilled chicken on an onion roll. They also have pulled pork, grilled chicken and tuna and an Italian hero. 


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