December 22 2015

Recreation Department Winter Activities Starting Soon


Stay fit, learn a new skill, meet new people and get your kids out and moving about. 

The Recreation Department has programs to help you do all of that and more and many of its winter activities are starting soon. 

The department has activities for people of all ages and for a wide variety of interests. For example for preschool-aged children it offers Mini Masterpieces (an art program working in a multitude of mediums), Mini Music Makers (singing, dancing and instruments) and a variety of physical activities including gymnastics, tumbling and gym. 

For slightly older children programs include karate, Adventures in Art, a Princess Party and a variety of sports and music activities. Teens and adults can participate in sports, art and music lessons, Yoga and a wide variety of other programs. 

There are also educational lectures, trips and special community events coming up through the Recreation Department. 


Check out their Winter Guide here for all the details. 


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