June 30 2015

Residents Can Now Register to Vote Online

By: Rich Hosford

Looking to register to vote but have a hard time carving out the time?


It is now easier than ever. Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin announced recently that residents of the Commonwealth can now register to vote online. Residents can also change their address for voting purposes and alter their party affiliation. They can also check their current registration status to ensure they are able to vote in upcoming elections. 


Massachusetts is the 21st state to offer online voter registration. 


The online registration system was designed to be user friendly for new voters who are more used to conducting business online. 


When registering to vote, the user will be asked to enter identifying information that will be checked against the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ records. If a resident doesn’t have a driver’s license or RMV identification they will be directed to a mail-in version where they can print out all their necessary personal information that will be pre-addressed to the correct local election official. 


To register to vote, change your address in the voter registry or check your registration status, check out the new online registration website

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