July 27 2016

RMV Unveils New Driver's License Design for Massachusetts Residents

By: Rich Hosford

Massachusetts drivers will soon have a new type of license. 


On Tuesday the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) unveiled a new driver’s license and Mass ID that will be phased in over the next five years. 


This is the first design change since 2010. It includes new security features that the RMV says better protects people’s identities and makes the cards among the most secure and technologically advanced in the country. 


The new Massachusetts licenses and IDs include some federally-required REAL ID features such as a second bar code on the reverse side which contains the demographic information printed on the front, a release states. The RMV is still in the process of programming additional information the federal government has authorized for REAL ID cards which Americans will need in October 2020 if they want to board a plane or enter a federal government building. REAL ID cards will include such information as an individual's full legal name and, if pertinent, the individual's legal presence information with the expiration date. 


The advanced security features on the new cards will assist law enforcement, banks, retail outlets, and liquor establishments which use these important identification credentials, the release continues. New security features include raised lettering of the cardholder’s initials and year of birth and the use of laser perforation and engraving. Other security features will remain confidential so as to not alert anyone who may be intent on fraudulent use.


"In an effort to continue to modernize our services and maintain the integrity of the Commonwealth’s most important identification documents, the Registry of Motor Vehicles designed a card with a new advanced look which offers residents the best protection possible," said Registrar Erin Deveney. “The new cards also are REAL ID compatible, meaning that when the federal government authorizes states to be fully REAL ID compliant, these cards will be able to accommodate those features.” 


The new driver licenses and IDs will not cost residents anything extra, the RMV states. Also, resident do not need to take action now by getting a new license and can wait until their current one expires. Current driver’s licenses, Massachusetts ID's, commercial driver’s licenses, and junior operator and under 21 licenses will remain valid until they are scheduled for renewal.


The new driver's license (courtesy RMV)



The new junior operator driver's license (courtesy RMV)



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