July 1 2015

Schools Ask Parents to Weigh in on Blizzard Bag Pilot Program

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington School District officials are  asking parents of students who were in grades 1 to 11 this past year to weigh in with their thoughts on the Blizzard Bag pilot program. 

The Blizzard Bag program allowed students to do extra work and in return classes would not be extended further into the summer to make up for days the schools were closed due to inclement weather. This year the program allowed the students to make up two days’ worth of work and take those days off the end of the school calendar. 

The work varied by grade with elementary and middle school students doing projects on bees and high school students were assigned work by their individual teachers. 

The question now is what everyone thought of the program and its implementation. Superintendent Eric Conti posted on his blog that his office would like to hear feedback from parents on the pilot program. 


Please complete the survey linked here to help us gather information for a discussion in the fall as to whether or not we will look to provide alternative assignments for snow days in the future,” he wrote. 

Conti said school officials also plan to post a student survey. 

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