October 6 2015

Selectmen Approve Finalized Agreement to Fund Sewer Repairs in Woburn

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Board of Selectmen gave the final approval to pay for sewer repairs in Woburn as part of an inter-municipal agreement. 


Last year Town Meeting voted to approve spend $950,000, or any other sum, for the purpose of funding a Burlington/Woburn sewer interceptor repair. The funds were to be drawn, if possible, from the town’s Sewer Inflow/infiltration Fund. 


The reason Burlington is paying for repairs in Woburn is that since 1965 the two municipalities have had an agreement that allows Burlington to use the Woburn sewer system. The sewage then flows into Winchester and ends up at the Deer Island plant in Boston Harbor. The repairs will be done on the sewer pipe that runs along Arlington Road in Woburn, in the Horn Pond area. There have been issues with the line the past few years due to increased overflow. 


Chair of the Board of Selectmen said there is some concern, raised at the Town Meeting when the vote to fund the project was made, that other communities in the sharing agreement have not been as aggressive in handling problems further down the line. 


Town Administrator John Petrin said Burlington can just live up to its responsibilities. 


“We are controlling what we can control,” he said. “We are doing our part and helping make sure Horn Pond doesn’t get polluted.”


It is not yet clear what the total price tag for the repairs will be as the project has not been put out to bid yet, Petrin told BNEWS after the meeting. 

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