February 8 2016

Superintendent Conti: Deciding on a Snow Day or Delay


Have you ever wondered why some snow events trigger a delay in the start of school while others lead to classes being cancelled? 


It is a question that Burlington School Superintendent Eric Conti says he has received many time from parents. 


Now, after school has been cancelled twice in a row from two different storms, he took to the internet to repost a blog he wrote in 2009 explaining the process in making the decision to close, delay or keep schools open. 


In short he says it begins the night before, often early in the morning with a call to the Department of Public Works and the bus company, two groups that have been out on the roads overnight. They discuss road conditions as well as sidewalks, the school parking lots and side streets. 


Conti said he also speaks with leaders of other school districts in the area to see what they are seeing and hearing about safety conditions. After that it is time to make a decision and alert students and parents. 


You can read the full blog here

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