May 13 2015

Survey Shows Burlington Residents Happy in Town

By: Rich Hosford

A recent town survey shows that the vast majority of Burlington residents are happy with the town and a big percentage of them are okay with the level of taxes they pay for the services they get. 

Town Clerk Amy Warfield brought in the results of the survey to a recent Board of Selectmen meeting. The survey, she said, was conducted with the 2014 town census and in total 3,192 households responded to the questions. 

The first question, with 3007 responses, was simply “Are you happy in town.” A whopping 94 percent of respondents said they were. 

Perhaps most surprisingly, the question about taxes, which are never popular, also had an overwhelmingly positive response.

Respondents were asked if they were happy with the level of property taxes they pay for the amenities and services they receive. 84 percent of the 2,689 households that responded say they were. 

Other responses showed 74 percent of households are happy with the amount and quality of open space in town, 84 percent are happy with town amenities and 70 percent are happy with cultural opportunities. 

Town Administrator John Petrin said he was glad to get the feedback from the community. 

“This was a great opportunity to hear back from residents,” he said. “We hear feedback in bits and pieces but to hear from 3,000 households in one survey is unusual. And in general what we hear is that ‘this is a good place to be.’ People say they were born and brought up here with pride." 

Petrin added that the 84 percent of people happy with the level of taxes for the amenities received is telling. 

“The tax to services balance is something we talk about a lot,” he said. “These numbers show that the taxes here are in better condition than many other places and this is mostly because of the businesses we have here.” 

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