November 18 2015

Tips for Protecting Your Holiday Packages from Thieves


Take steps to protect the gifts you buy for your loved ones with your hard-earned money from thieves this holiday season. 


As more people go online for their purchases, thieves have learned ways to steal packages once delivered to a household. 

Here are some tips, provided by police public relations manager John Guilfoil on how to protect your items from theft. When purchasing items online consider the following: 


• Requesting a signature on your deliveries, especially those of high value, so they are not left unattended. You can also give specific instructions on where to leave a package so it is not left in a visible spot.


• Signing up for an email alert that will notify you when your delivery is set to arrive.


• Choosing an alternative destination — either at work or at a family member’s, friend’s or neighbor’s house where someone will be home to receive the delivery.


• Re-directing packages, even if they’re already on their way. Send them to your closest FedEx or UPS office, or another secure location.


• Setting up a vacation hold if you’ll be away during the holidays so gifts will not be delivered to an empty house.

If you arrive home to find your package has been stolen, immediately report it to police. However, if the item was not insured, the chances of receiving it back are slim.


Residents should never accept a surprise package or gift where a payment is required. Additionally, do not give out any personal information when retrieving a delivery if you initiated the purchase.

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