October 1 2015

Town Meeting Attendance Records Released

By: Rich Hosford

The September Town Meeting was this past Monday and while most members came to discuss the issues and cast votes on the warrant articles, there were a few empty seats. 


As reported on BNEWS, the town’s Rules Committee voted to reinstate a 2002 bylaw that requires the town clerk to send the attendance of Town Meeting members to two local newspapers. 


Paul Girouard, chair of the Rules Committee, said the practice of publishing a list of which Town Meeting members were, and were not, at the meeting is a part of a transparent government and a way to pressure elected officials to do the job they ran for.


This week the attendance list from Monday’s meeting came out. Going by precincts, Precinct 3 had the best attendance with only one member absent while Precinct 7, the newest precinct, had six absences. Precinct 1 had two absences, Precinct 2 had four, Precinct 4 had two, Precinct 5 had four and Precinct 6 had five. 


Click here too see the full list of who was in attendance and who was absent


Town Clerk Amy Warfield said she wanted acknowledge everyone who made Town Meeting a success. 


“We want to recognize those who take their time and energies to help the Burlington community as elected Representatives for Burlington Town meeting,” she said in a release. 


Warfield said she also wanted also wanted to welcome the newest member, Monica Farella, of Precinct 3.  She was appointed by election from the other Precinct members, and will serve until the next Town Election on April 9th.


If you have any further questions on Town Meeting or how to get involved with the community, contact Warfield, at 781-270-1660 or by email at awarfield@burlington.org.

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