November 24 2015

Two Businesses Given Tobacco Sale Suspensions for Compliance Check Failure

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Board of Health took action to reprimand two businesses who failed tobacco sales compliance stings during the meeting on Tuesday night. 


The Mobil Station at 50 Middlesex Turnpike and the Shell Station at 61 to 63 Middlesex Turnpike were both given seven-day suspensions of tobacco sales for failing a second compliance check within a 24 month period. As per the board’s regulations a second violation in that time means a week-long suspension during a timeframe determined by board members. 


The board decided to have the suspensions run from November 30 to December 6. 

There were seven other stores who failed the most recent round of compliance checks for the first time within the last 24 months. Each of them was fined $50. 


Members of the board, led by Chairman Wayne Saltsman, made it clear to the owners and representatives of the two gas station that they don’t want to see them back on another violation. 


“We don’t want to see you here again,” Saltsman said. 

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