December 6 2016

Two New Restaurants Seek to Move Into Former Papa Razzi Location

By: Rich Hosford

Two new restaurants are looking to move into the space left vacant when Papa Razzi closed in October.


Representatives of Rebels Restaurants, Inc. a business group with restaurants in the Boston area, were at the Planning Board meeting last week seeking a special permit and site plan approval for a proposed double project at 2 Wall Street.

Attorney Mark Vaughan of Riemer & Braunstein explained that the group wanted to occupy the 13,000 square foot building and install two restaurants in it.


“Given the size of the building my clients are planning to reconfigure the indoor space to accommodate two different restaurants concepts, both under common ownership and control of Rebel Restaurant,” he said.


One of the restaurants would be the high-end Mexican establishment Temazcal and the other would be a more affordable pizza and Italian restaurant called Tony’s Coal Fire Pizza.


Temazcal, which currently has locations in Boston and Lynnfield, features authentic Mexican recipes made with fresh, local ingredients, it’s website states.


Tony’s Coal Fire Pizza would have a full Italian menu with an emphasis on the pizza, which would be cooked in an actual coal oven.


Part of the site plan includes an additional entrance for the pizza place and some reconfiguration of the indoors. The restaurants will be separated by the kitchen, which will work for both establishments. There will also be a three-season restroom built in the area of the current awning.


In total the group is looking to add 27 additional seats to what Papa Razzi had and they showed a parking chart they said showed that the existing lot could accommodate the increase.


Members of the Planning Board had some input, including that the conditions set on the outdoor seating area for Papa Razzi had to be adhered to by the new restaurants. They also said they wanted to do a site visit before approving the plan to get a better idea of what the changes will look like.

There was also a question about having two restaurants, each selling liquor, with one liquor license. Planning Board members said that was an issue that the Board of Selectmen would have to work out.

In the end they approved the special permit but continued the hearing on the site plan approval until their next meeting on January 5.


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