June 17 2018

Update: All Solar Panels on School Roofs to be Checked in Wake of Fire

By: Rich Hosford



Burlington School Department Maintenance Supervisor Steve Zarba told BNEWS that the company behind the solar panels, Onyx, will do a complete check of all the panels on the Marshall Simonds Middle School and Burlington High School roofs. This measure will be taken as a precaution to help limit any possible future issues. Onyx will cover the cost of the checks as well as pay for a small amount of damage done to the rubber on the school roof.

“The company is going to go through and double check the panels and the wiring and tighten everything up,” he said.

Zarba said the fire was likely the result of either a default with one of the panels or an issue with the wiring. It is possible, he explained, that there was some moisture on one of the wires or at a connection that caused the incident.

Original Story (6/17/18)

A small fire destroyed two solar panels on the roof of Marshall Simonds Middle School but fortunately did not result in any structural damage to the building.

Fire Department Captain Robert Paul said the call of a fire on the roof of the school came in at about 11:40 a.m. on Sunday from a passing motorist. Crews responded and were quickly able to knock down the blaze.

“The guys did a good job,” Captain Paul said.

The source or cause of the fire is not known at this time, Paul said.

Burlington’s Building Inspector was called to the scene for an evaluation and deemed it safe.

“There was no damage to school building, just the panels and whatever was just below them,” Paul said. “The structure of the building was good.”

Photo: The damaged solar panels on top of Marshall Simonds Middle School (credit: Steve Zarba)



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