July 23 2019

Valvoline Quick Oil Change Eyeing Former Stephen’s Auto Repair Location

By: Thaddeus Stephanak

Drivers in Burlington may soon have a new place to stop and get an oil change while they wait in their vehicle. 

Henley Enterprises, represented by Attorney Thomas Murphy, was before the Board of Appeals seeking two bylaw variances for a Valvoline oil change facility at 118 Cambridge Street. 

Henley is looking to demolish the existing building and replace it with a brick veneer structure similar to Henley’s Valvoline locations in Woburn and Arlington.

The applicant is seeking relief from a pair of bylaws, the first for a dumpster pad with fence. The board questioned the need for a variance on a dumpster pad to which Murphy replied the applicant believes it’s better safe than sorry due to the permanency of the structure.  

The property is located in a water resource district for which the bylaw pertaining to impervious surface applies. Under the bylaw not more than 60 percent of the property can be impervious. The second variance submission asks 64.7 percent. Murphy noted that the property is currently at 82 percent impervious surface. 

“Even though we need a relatively small variance, it’s a significant improvement over what’s already there going from 82 percent down to 64 percent,” he said. “This is a great increase in going toward the intent of that bylaw.” 

Murphy continued on the benefits of the proposal.

“It’s one of the gateway properties coming into town from 128 on route 3A,” he said. “We have the opportunity to redo the site and get a new building in there, get some nice landscaping and all the accouterments that go with a new development. It’s a great benefit to the town.” 

Edward Pesce, the engineer on the project, sited their efforts to improve the esthetics of the property. These include maintaining a large spruce tree on the land.

“We’re planning on putting in clusters of shrubs and trees, most of them are evergreen so they’ll be nice and green all year round, even in the winter,” he said. “Planting beds along the entrances and along the parking lot.” 

Murphy summed up the improvement in appearance.

“As you drive down Cambridge Street this will present itself as much nicer, much more esthetically pleasing than anything that’s there now,” he said. 

The Board of Appeals voted to approve both variances by 5-0-0.


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