September 30 2015

Zoning Change for Hertz Location on Middlesex Turnpike Approved

By: Rich Hosford

Town Meeting approved a zoning change for the property that currently houses Hertz Rent A Car during the meeting on Monday. 


The property is owned by the Gutierrez Company, which also owns land in the area, and they were the ones pushing for the change. Gutierrez Manager Director of Commercial Development Scott Weiss explained the company was seeking to have the property zoning changed from General Industrial (IG) to General Business (BG). 


Hertz still occupies the site, Weiss said, but its lease is up next year and that creates an opportunity for a change. The reason for the zoning change is to make the site more compatible with the surrounding parcels. 


Weiss said that the change would help Gutierrez attract the kind of businesses they would prefer to see on the location should the lease with Hertz not be renewed. He argued that if the zoning stayed IG, that could mean “dirtier” businesses such as manufacturing, research labs, warehouses, conference center and medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed. However, if the zoning was BG, businesses such as personal/professional services, small retail stores, fitness centers, restaurants or bakeries could be possible. 


Whatever might go in there, it will be small as the site is only 0.36 acres large. 


There were some questions about possible increases to traffic. Weiss said that the size of the lot would impact the amount of traffic it could generate. When asked if a study had been done he explained that could only happen after a particular business was proposed and that would happen after the zoning change. 

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