January 3 2019

Announcing The 2019 BCAT Cinema Series!!

By: Chris Flaherty


BCAT is proud to announce the 2019 edition of our Cinema Series program. Presented by BCAT Production Coordinator and resident film buff Chris Flaherty, the Cinema Series hopes to bring together all types of movie lovers in the Burlington community, to discuss the most treasured motion pictures of yesterday and today. 

Each installment of the series will begin with a brief presentation on the film, providing insight into its creation and legacy, followed by the feature presentation. After there will be a group discussion, where guests can offer their thoughts and views on the film. The Cinema Series events are FREE, popcorn and drinks provided, and there will be trivia on the night's film with prizes for the winners!

Last year, if an effort to expand the series, we offered the opportunity to apply for 1 of 3 Guest Feature spots to present a film of their choice. All 3 spots were filled and it was a big success. As the Cinema Series enters its third year, we would like to once again offer 3 Guest Feature spots.


For the months of March, June, and September, we are looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters, ready to speak on their favorite films. When choosing a film to speak on, keep these questions in mind:

    • Why is this film important to you?
    • Why is this film important to view and discuss?
    • Is the film appropriate for all audiences? We at BCAT like to make sure all members of the community have an opportunity to attend these events. If the film being presented is Rated R, we ask that those under 17 wishing to attend receive written permission from a parent or guardian.

If you are interested in being one of this year's Guest Features at the BCAT Cinema Series, please submit your proposal to flaherty@bcattv.org 

    Potential Dates For Guest Features:
    March 22nd, June 14th, September 27th

    (Dates Subject To Change)


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