October 18 2019

Sponsor Us

Burlington Cable Access Television (BCAT) is actively seeking businesses to become BCAT Sponsors. We invite you to join the growing number of establishments supporting Burlington’s local cable station. In recognition of your sponsorship, BCAT will broadcast a listing of your company that will reach over 90% of the town’s homes on a daily basis. Your contribution to BCAT is tax deductible as we are a non-profit organization.


Burlington Cable Access Television has been an integral part of the town since 1987. BCAT presents a wide variety of community-interest programming. Our coverage spans local news and events, town government meetings, school system music, art and sports programs, as well as many resident-produced shows. With three channels available Comcast, Verizon and RCN subscribers, there is a large viewing audience for information from BCAT Sponsors.


A contribution to BCAT is a cost effective way to enhance your business exposure in Burlington. The donation for a business sponsorship is $1000 per year, $550 for a six-month period or $100 per month. Upon receiving your donation, our staff would be available to assist you with the design of your listing.


Want to show your support for BCAT on your website?

For our sponsors they can add our Sponsor Badge to their website showing that they are proud sponsors of their community public access television station. We can provide you a badge that fits your needs, be it vertical space or horizontal space. If you are interested in adding the Sponsor Badge to your website, please contact us so we may supply you with the necessary information on how to add it.


Please accept this invitation to join the BCAT family. This is a great opportunity that will benefit both your business and Burlington Cable Access Television. Should you have any questions regarding our programming or your sponsorship, please contact our Exective Director, Jennifer Dodge, either by phone at 781-273-5922 or by email at dodge@bcattv.org. We look forward to your joining us as partners in the Burlington Community.



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