February 28 2015

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BCAT offers a variety of training workshops from the beginner level to advanced levels and a variety of areas of production. Whether your interest is in learning the basics or honing your skills with post production special effects or learning the advanced features of shooting with our cameras, we have workshops to meet your needs.



Upcoming Sessions

All classes are free and start at 7pm 


Intro to Studio


Intro to Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro Extras 


Basic Camcorder


Intro To Photoshop 


Intro To News Reporting 


Intro To Sports Coverage


Your Show and The Internet 

Go With The Go-Pro 


Intro to Tri-Caster






Intro to Studio - Monday, March 9 


What is BCAT?  Learn all the basics you need to do a production in studio, whether you are a complete beginner or just want a refresher.  You will learn the cameras, basic three point lighting, how to operate the audio board, how graphics are brought onto the screen, how to switch between cameras and basic directing commands.


 Limit: 6



Intro to Final Cut Pro - Wednesday, March 11  


You shot out on location and now its time to make a production out of all that raw footage.  Which take is the best to use? What is b-roll?  What is a timeline and what is it’s relationship to a sequence? Sign up for this class and find out.


Limit: 6



Advanced Studio Techniques - Wednesday, March 18


You have done some shoots in the studio but now you want to turn things up a notch. Maybe throw in a little chroma Key?  Maybe some Picture-in-a-Picture? There are many different advanced techniques that can enhance your studio production. Come check them out.

Limit: 6


Final Cut Pro Extras - Tuesday, March 24

You know how to edit. You have taken the Final Cut Pro class that introduced you to editing.  Now the real fun begins with the advanced class.  Learn how to multi-clip, Key Frame, and more in this class.

Prerequisite: Intro to Final Cut Pro


Limit: 6


Basic Camcorder - Thursday, March 26

Want to cover a event in town? Shoot something on location? Whether its the big game, or group putting on a demonstration or you making your story idea come to life, you will need to learn the skills to successfully capture your event. This course will show you the basics when it comes to camcorders, microphones, tripods, shot composition and more.


Limit: 6



Intro To Photoshop - Wednesday, April 1

Have you ever had an interest in Graphic Design? Adobe Photoshop is the cutting edge computer program for creating graphics and editing photos. BCAT is currently offering a workshop on the basics of Photoshop so you can understand the capabilities of the program.


Limit: 6



Intro To News Reporting - Tuesday, April 7

Ever want to cover a news story? This class will teach you the basic techniques that a reporter uses when covering a story.  Covering an event for the news is more than just pointing a camera and hitting record. Take this course and we may just be seeing you work on BNEWS.


Limit: 6



Intro To Sports Coverage - Thursday, April 9

Burlington High School is a hotbed of exciting sports games, and we want you to get involved in our coverage! We'll teach you some techniques of how to record your favorite sport and give you some tips about announcing. Is there a sport you want on BCAT that we currently don't show? We'll teach you how to get it on our airwaves!


Limit: 6



Your Show and The Internet - Monday, April 13

Stay connected! With the rise in the popularity of social media over the past few years, it's a good idea to make sure your show has a good presence on the internet. We'll show you how create a Facebook fan page for your show, use Twitter effectively, and upload your show to YouTube.


Limit: 6



Go With The Go-Pro - Wednesday, April 15

GoPro cameras are small mountable cameras primarily used in high action shoots like snowboarding, waterskiing, and mountain biking. The GoPro is also capable of shooting amazing time-lapse videos as well.  BCAT is offering a workshop that will teach the basic uses and techniques of shooting with a GoPro camera.


Limit: 6



Intro to Tri-Caster - Thursday, April 16
So you want to do a studio shoot with cameras and a crew to cover an event but its not in the BCAT studio. Impossible you ask? No, it's totally possible with a Tricaster! Take this class to learn how to set up and operate the station's newest Studio-in-a-box.


Limit: 6




All BCAT training and workshops are FREE to residents or those who work in Burlington


To register call the station at 781-273-5922 or sign up at the studio.


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