May 24 2019

The Mass Factor

Comcast - Ch. 9   |   RCN - Ch. 3   |   Verizon - Ch. 39

Thursday - 6:30 PM

     Friday - 10:30 AM


Host Todd Feinburg, co-host of the WRKO morning show, holds a lively 1/2 hour interview with fascinating guests who may be elected officials, VIPs, or just ordinary folk, who may be from any political party, and who may have celebrity-status among voters today or in the future! The Fair Tax, Show ID to Vote, Right-to-Repair, Romneycare and Obamacare, Charter Schools, the Tea Party in Massachusetts - just a few of the topics so far - and so much more to come! Our audiences enjoy learning about subjects that, quite frankly, just aren't "sexy" enough for the mainstream media!



(Show description taken from their Facebook page.)

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