December 18 2018

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  1. BNEWS In Depth: Potential Dangers of Wireless Tech; Burlington Small Cells Policy


  2. 'Dangers of Wireless Technology' Program at Library on Tuesday

  3. Committee Formed to Study Small Cell Wireless Devices

  4. Special Meetings to Discuss Proposed 'Small Cell' Wireless Boosters to be Held

  5. Verizon Drops Small Cell Wireless Booster Application in Face of Fees

  6. Advocate Warns of Dangers of Wireless Technology

  7. Burlington Police Updates Dispatch System for Faster Response Times

  8. During an Emergency: Landline or Cell Phone?

  9. How To Communicate With 9-1-1 When You Can't Talk

    If you need emergency services but for some reason cannot speak, you can still communicate with 9-1-1 dispatchers. 

  10. Burlington COA Presents "Telling Your Story"

    The Burlington Council on Aging is proud to present a new series premiereing this week on BCAT called "Telling Your Story". This show features Burlington residents talking about what it was like to grow up in town before the age of cell phones and computers.

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