August 9 2020

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  1. A Look at the New Bedford Farms Ice Cream in Burlington

    A new business has opened up at the 3rd Ave. development project. 

  2. Man Charged with Oxycodone Scheme with Burlington Connection Pled Guilty

    A man accused of a prescription drug distribution scheme that had a connection to Burlington has admitted to wrongdoing. 

  3. Be Aware of These Common Holiday Scams

    During the holidays we often do a bit of shopping, make some donations and basically spend more money than normal. 

  4. Letter: Fun Times During Historic Walk of Burlington's Landlocked Forest

    The following is a Letter to the Editor by Paul Girouard of the Friends of the Landlocked Forest 

  5. Burlington Police Appoint First-Ever Deputy Chief

    For the first time in its long history, the Burlington Police Department has a deputy chief.

  6. Early Morning Storm Causes Flooding in Town Buildings

    A sudden and fierce rainfall early Tuesday morning caused some flooding in both the Burlington Public Library and Grand View Farm. BNEWS Director Rich Hosford has this report. 

  7. Planning Board Rejects Proposed Curb Cut for Burlington Marketplace

    The Planning Board rejected a proposal for a curb cut onto Lexington Street from the Burlington Marketplace during its meeting last week. 

  8. Stolen Paintings Recovered in Burlington

    A couple of paintings stolen from a business in Maine that were the subject of an FBI investigation turned up in Burlington. 

  9. Burlington Police to Use Neighborhood Social Media Site "Nextdoor"

    Have you heard or joined, the social media platform that facilitates communication between neighbors and neighborhoods? 

  10. Election 2014: Meet the Candidates

    In preparation for the November 4th state election, several candidates running for office have come to BCAT to inform voters where they stand on all the key issues facing Massachusetts.

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