September 17 2019

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  1. Wrong-Way Driver Causes Early Morning Crash on Route 128 That Injured Two

    A wrong-way driver on Route 128 in Lexington near the Burlington line caused an accident early this morning that injured themself and the occupant of another vehicle. 

  2. New Handicap Parking Spots to Be Added at BHS for Better Access to Varsity Field, BCAT

    People with handicaps looking to watch a game at Varsity field will soon find it easier to navigate from their cars to the field. 

  3. Memorial School Students Create Assembly With Message of Inclusiveness

    A trio of Memorial School students was recognized at the latest School Committee meeting for their work in helping to spread the philosophy of inclusiveness in the school and on the playground. 

  4. Town Seeking Volunteers to Serve the Community

    The Town of Burlington needs a couple of volunteers to step and help make the community a better place. 

  5. Burlington's Memorial Day Ceremony

    The following is a notice from the Burlington Office of Veteran Services: 

  6. Library Holds Winter Carnival Run by Student Volunteers

    Children gathered in the Burlington Public Library on Friday for a morning of crafts, activities and fun during a winter carnival. BNEWS Director Rich Hosford went to check it out and has this report. 

  7. Church Seeking Planning Board Approval for Move as it Struggles to Pay Rent for Two Locations

    A church in Burlington is looking to change locations but has a list of issues with the new space. 

  8. This Season Worst Time for Brush Fires

    Spring is the worst season for brush fires and Burlington Fire Department Chief Steve Yetman is telling people to be careful when engaged in an activity that could start one. 

  9. This Week's Weather with Peter Brown

    It’s been pretty warm so far this November but will that continue?

  10. Letter: Rotary Club of Burlington to Hold 'Knockout Raffle' to Support Causes in Town

    The following is a Letter to the Editor from the Rotary Club of Burlington 

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