June 1 2020

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  1. Burlington Community Calendar -old

  2. Red Devil Ice Hockey 2017-2018

    Tune in as the Red Devils take on their Middlesex League rivals and other teams throughout Massachusetts in their quest for another State Championship 

  3. Back to School Safety Tips on Getting to School, Bullying, Online Threats

  4. Burlington Community Calendar

  5. Boys Boys Hockey at Stoneham

    Burlington Red Devils at Stoneham

  6. Veteran Services Prepares for Memorial Day 2019

  7. After Somewhat Warm Weekend Area Plunges Back Into Dangerous Cold Conditions

    This is a story that we are getting really tired of writing. 

  8. Burlington 'Small-Format' Target Set to Open

  9. Fire and Police Department Members Engage in Active Shooter Training

    The following is a joint press release from the Burlington Fire Department and Burlington Police Department: 

  10. Some Snow Possible but Cold Temps Could be Dangerous

    We could see some light snow on Wednesday night and Thursday but the real issue is plunging temperatures. 

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