December 4 2020

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  1. Target Confirms Crossroad Plaza as Incoming Store Location and Gives More details on Project

  2. BHS Football 2016 Playoffs VS Belmont

    Burlington Red Devils at Belmont Marauders

  3. Medical Sharps Disposal at Fire Department

    The Burlington Board of Health in cooperation with the Burlington Fire Department are joining up with Lahey Hospital to help residents properly dispose of medical sharps.  Medical sharps consist of syringes, hypodermic needles and lancets.   As of July 1st of last year it is illegal to discard sharps in household trash...

  4. Winds Strong Enough to Down Tree Limbs Expected Tuesday Morning

    It looks like it could be windy on Tuesday, with gusts possibly downing tree limbs. 

  5. MassDOT Offers Safety Tips Ahead of Possible Snow/Ice Storm

  6. Liquor Licenses Becoming Controversial Issue

    Acquiring more liquor licenses for the town is an issue gaining urgency with the Board of Selectmen.

  7. BHS Football 2016 Playoffs VS Arlington

    Burlington Red Devils vs. Arlington Spy Ponders

  8. Interfaith Clergy Holding Social-Distancing Vigil Against Racism and Hate

  9. Photos from BCAT's Annual Meeting & Appreciation Night

    BCAT held its Annual Meeting & Appreciation Night on April 29th. We hope all who attended enjoyed a great night of food, friendship, remembrance, and celebration.

  10. Police Looking for Shoplifting and Counterfeiting Suspects


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